Relationship Counselling

Improve relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts

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Counselling Details

Each person is a unique and magnificent being. However, when two persons come together to explore a relationship, conflict may arise. Conflict is having a difference of opinion or approach in any of the following relationship domains: Finance, roles, spiritual beliefs, parenting, sex and affection, communication, and socializing.

Conflict is natural and helps us to see the other person as they are. At Alpha Optimal Living, we seek to help persons celebrate who they are, support their loved ones and share tools that can help navigate conflict.

What You'll Learn

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Awareness is at the core of all relationships.


To your preferred future.

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The power to manage depression is within you. The tools to uncover, harness and wield that power are available. Let us help you make those critical course corrections and embrace your liberated life.

Guidance/Spirituality Counselling

Sometimes your faith is tested at a time when you feel that you are carrying more than handle. We can help you find the strength that you ay think has abandoned you.

Parenting - Child and Adolescent Counselling

Any parent will tell you that their child's world is far more complex than their's was at that age. There are tools to help cut through these complexities.

Addictions and Anxiety Counselling

The world is beginning to see addiction as the health challenge it is and not a personal flaw of the victim. We can help you unleash your potential for sobriety.

Client Feedback

Our Client Reviews

We are happy to share some of our client reviews.

I reached out to Charles at a time when my family was in crisis. His calm, listening spirit helped me to feel right at home and I was able to share my concerns without being judged. He also helped to differentiate the difference between myself and the challenges my family was having. If you are looking for a health care professional who cares, then Alpha Optimal Living is definitely the place for you.

Janet, 55 year-old mom


It is hard to me to share my deep inner thoughts with anyone. However, the client-centred sessions I had at Alpha Optimal Living, allowed me to take down walls and be vulnerable. I was impressed by the professional service, but most of all the wholistic approach to therapy. As a Christian I did not feel embarrassed to share my struggles, and Charles pastoral persona was very inviting. Additionally, His technical counselling techniques and psycho-social knowledge, made our journey together fruitful.

Casandra, 33 year-old wife


As a man, it is not easy talking to other men. But I came to an area in my life where I was crashing. Alpha Optimal Living helped me to see that I was not alone. They information shared at the sessions along with the timely referrals to additional help. Helped me to get clean and to enjoy a much more fulfilling life today.

Jonathan, 26 year-old