Finding Purpose

Charles Skeete

Counselling with a Heart

We help clients explore their goals, enhance their capacity and promote purposeful living.

We do this by creating a welcoming, compassionate and empathetic environment which fosters trust and promotes wholeness.

About Us

We Help You Solve The Problems You Face

Our Mission: To provide holistic therapy to individuals, couples and families resulting in healthy emotional, relational, and spiritual wellness.

Our Services

We Provide Insightful Healthcare Services

Our Vision: To reach the province of Ontario with premiere, holistic counselling and therapy, offering the population the best practices in therapy with a compassionate heart.

Relationship Counselling

Because even the deepest love can use some guidance when it comes up against the harsh realities of life like financial problems, or health challenges or ... you name it.

Guidance/Spirituality Counselling

Sometimes your faith is tested at times when you feel overwhelmed: tragedy, disappointments, life options, etc.. Meaning-making in difficult situations provides a basis for growth. At Alpha Optimal Living, we help you to find insights into what a preferred future may look like in the face of life complexities.

Parenting - Child and Adolescent Counselling

Any parent will tell you that their child's world is far more complex than their's was at that age. There are tools to help cut through these complexities.

Addictions and Anxiety Counselling

The world is beginning to see addiction as the health challenge it is and not a personal flaw of the victim. We can help you unleash your potential for sobriety.


The power to manage depression is within you. The tools to uncover, harness and wield that power are available. Let us help you make those critical course corrections and embrace your liberated life.

Our Team

Meet The Counsellor

Charles is a compassionate, empathetic individual who has lived through struggle and hardships yet has emerged stronger from the experiences.

He earned a BA (Hons.) Theology from Andrews University; a master of Theological studies at Wilfred Laurier University and a Master of Social Work from King's University College.

He is an ordained minister and Prepare Enrich-pre-marital counseling-facilitator.

He is a board Certified Chaplain with CPSP, a Canadian Addiction Counsellor with CACCF and is a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Charles is also a Clinical Fellow of the International  Neuropsychoanalysis Society. 

He has worked both in private and public settings.

Charles Skeete
Charles Skeete
MSW, RSW Psychotherapist
Our Pricing

Affordable Pricing Plan

Convenient payment methods: Interac e-Transfer at [email protected], eclaim-insurance-direct billing, and cash.

Individual Therapy

$150 /Hour

*Terms and conditions

Compassionate Therapy

We offer individualised therapy sessions.

Materials are crafted specifically to each person.

Importantly, the client remains the leader of the sessions. As a therapist, I join my clients in their life journey,  because they are the expert on their story and destiny.

Don't Hesitate, Consult With Us

Charles has over two decades of practical experience helping people navigate through life's trials. He has worked in the private, public sectors as well as within the NGO community.

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